The International 5 Pubstomp

5 years ago

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This year, Valve is organising DOTA 2’s biggest tournament: The International.

From the 3rd to the 8th August, the best DOTA 2 teams from all over the world fight in the Keyarena in Seattle for glory and the gigantic prize pool of about 15 million dollar.

Event coordination

We, the Hochschulgruppe eSports United Karlsruhe (campus group), are showing the last three match days to celebrate the biggest spectacle of Dota2 this year together with fans in the region. DOTA 1 veterans as well as fresh DOTA 2 followers are welcome. We especially welcome those of you that want to get to know the phenomenon DOTA.

If you are interested in helping with organising this event, feel free to contact us through Facebook or reddit (see below for details).


The pubstomp is happening at AKK on campus of KIT. Drinks are available at prices for students (1,50€ a beer to give you an idea about prices). We are working on providing some food and will report with news.

For saturday, it is planned to use the outside tribune, if the weather allows it. Visitors are advised to bring their own blanket or similar for their own comfort.

Age restriction: At the moment, it looks as though you have to be at least 16 to visit the event until midnight, if you want to stay longer you have to be at least 18. We will report on news regarding this issue as well.

Stream: We will use the broadcast featuring the English casters.

Entry is free!


  • What: Pubstomp The International 5, the biggest DOTA 2 tournament
  • When: 6th to 8th August, starting daily at 18:00 local time.
  • Where: AKK on campus of KIT
  • Stream: English broadcast will be shown.
  • Saturday: bring your own blanket, as we will probably use the outside tribune!

Please have a look at the event at Facebook or at reddit as well.

Note: Updates will be pushed to Facebook as soon as possible. We are trying to update this page promptly as well.

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