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For the sixth time in as many years Valve is host to the most prestigious Dota 2 tournament in the world: The International Dota 2 Championships.

From August 3rd to 13th, in the Keyarena in Seattle, the sixteen best teams in the world will fight for glory, pride and a share of the prizepool, which currently sits at above 12.5 million Dollars (2016/6/21).

After the great success of last year  we, the campus group ‚eSports United Karlsruhe‚, aim at organizing the biggest Dota 2 screening in Germany. We will broadcast the last three matchdays on August 11th to 13th to be able to experience the biggest stage of Dota 2 with fans from around the region. We welcome DotA veterans as well as newcomers, and we are especially looking forward to those who want to get to know the phenomenom that is Dota 2.

On August 11th we will show the official English stream in the Hertzhörsaal, and for August 12th and 13th we will again convert the ranks of the old stadium to our eSports Arena.

In addition to drinks provided by the AKK at student-friendly rates (beer for 1.50€ as a point of reference) we will again set up a barbecue and also dota themed cocktails!

Also we will once more have some amazing giveaways: for more information here.

As always there is NO ENTRANCE FEE! So spread the word and invite your friends! And please click on attend on the Facebook Event.




TLDR: Public screening of The International 6 in Karlsruhe.

August  in 11th Hertzhörsaal,

12th and 13th in the old Stadium.

Stream will be the official English stream.

Starting time is 19CEST each day.


For those that want to help out on the organizing front, feel free to message us. To host an event this size we are thankful for every helping hand!


Important: The ranks are made of plain stone, so we recommend bringin pillows, blankets etc. to make yourselves more comfortable.

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